The Marketing Blog

Probably the best blog on selling, marketing and my life in trying to figure it out. Enjoy the many articles here. You might find some entertaining, educational or downright nonsensical. It’s ok. We all are a work in progress!

Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower If you are an entrepreneur building the next big thing out of your garage, or the CEO of a 1000+ tech startup, you cannot afford to be in an ivory tower. As the CEO, you need to lead from the front. You need to be the chief innovation guy or gal, chief […]

My Struggles with Selling

I got into selling at the age of 10. No, it wasn’t your kiddie-pity lemonade stand. It was a true capitalism. And I fell in love with it. Here’s how I got started. Do you remember Thundercats from the 80s? The amazing cartoon that had every child (and adult) hooked? So did everyone in my […]

Magento Issues

Magento and Ecommerce in Kuwait   I am not a hater. And neither am I a WooCommerce or a Prestashop evangelist. That being said, I feel a lot of clients in Kuwait are getting obsessed over Magento as an ecommerce platform. From claims that it’s the best to “only professional companies” deploy Magento (ridiculous, I […]

Website Design and Launch Checklist

Kuwait Website Design & Launch Checklist Designing a website in Kuwait is one thing. Getting it right is another. Thankfully, this website launch checklist will get your site on the right track. The following points will get your website launch and functionality on the right track. This is not a SEO or Page Speed checklist. […]

How to start an online business in Kuwait

Quick introduction: I’ve been selling online since 2001. At a time when there was only email and phone, online commerce is my passion and intrigue. From promoting paper pulp to sports supplements, I’ve sold almost everything. I started my first ecommerce site in 2004 and its still selling today. Check out www.worldseafooddirectory.com This was my […]

Email Marketing in Kuwait

Welcome to our email marketing in Kuwait series. Well, anywhere for that matter. Not just Kuwait. This is series of blog and social media posts that will uncover the mystery around email marketing step by step. We wanted to launch this as an e-book, but doing a series on email marketing sounds much more practical. […]

The ecommerce game in Kuwait

I love ecommerce. You can sell anything to anyone and anywhere in the world. You are limited only my your imagination. And the limits you put on your store. That’s it. Your ecommerce store in Kuwait or anywhere has to be unhinged, and connect with your customers are looking for. I started my ecommerce story […]

Fear of You

Why do some succeed? Others don’t? Fear. Fear is what holds most people back. Most people have become accustomed to their 9 – 5 jobs, their routine and their problems. They accept is as a way of life. They fear change. They fear what will happen. They fear the unknown in the dark. Are you […]

The Sales Academy

Welcome to the Brothers 7 Sales Academy. I am going to start with a question: do you wanna be the best damn sales person in the room? Heck yeah you do. That is why you are here. And that is what we will do. Here’s the amazing part: you don’t need a fancy degree, be […]

Build your own website

This theme has been built based on open source administration system WordPress and AIT framework, which contain AIT page builder with elements – custom post types and plugins options. The theme admin section is divided into 4 fully customizable parts: Theme options, Default layout, Page Builder, Import / Export. Elements are available below Theme Admin […]