WHY PEOPLE BUY™ is the ultimate seminar on getting in the minds of your customers. Discover how you can get more people to buy more of your products. Understand the real reason why people buy and how you, as a seller, can influence them.

This is a seminar that is focused on real business, getting real results. Not an all talk, all theory session where you walk away with nothing. Make your marketing work for you and avoid strategies that no longer work.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the topics you can expect at the seminar:

  • Why people really buy?
  • When does advertising work?
  • What about offers / promotions / discounts?
  • Is your marketing a cost or an investment?
  • What is the best marketing strategy?
  • Do customers really care about you?

It doesn’t matter if you sell toys, coffee or tyres. You must have a very good understanding why customers buy your product, or that of your competition.

Discover how you can be in the minds of your customer and be their choice when they are ready to buy. They should choose you and not your competition.

Seminar Brochure