Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower

If you are an entrepreneur building the next big thing out of your garage, or the CEO of a 1000+ tech startup, you cannot afford to be in an ivory tower.

As the CEO, you need to lead from the front. You need to be the chief innovation guy or gal, chief thinker and chief getting hands dirty. Of course, you surround yourself with people smarter than you and those who are experts in their fields.

Why is this important?
Many a time, CEOs consider tasks such as product design, app layout, customer service, product review to be beneath them and delegate it to a junior while they focus on “more important tasks.” This self-imposed seclusion in an ivory tower proves not only time-consuming, but hits customer experience.

As CEOs, we need to know everything that goes on in the company and cannot rely on wilful ignorance, especially in the early days of the company. I’d suggest that a successful CEO needs to spend less time on meetings and more time with his team. Not to “direct” but work with them in the unified direction of the firm.

But don’t let your title deceive you. One of your tasks as a CEO is to form a high performance team that is, in many ways, better at you. And you listen, share feedback, brainstorm and never dominate. After all, isn’t your primary job definition is to see your company succeed? And I don’t think you can do it all by yourself.