The Sales Academy

The Sales Academy
The Sales Academy

Welcome to the Brothers 7 Sales Academy.

I am going to start with a question: do you wanna be the best damn sales person in the room?
Heck yeah you do. That is why you are here. And that is what we will do.

Here’s the amazing part: you don’t need a fancy degree, be a smooth talker, or be a know it all. In fact, the simpler you keep things the better. I just need one thing from you: a solid work ethic. If you are willing to put in the work and not base your success on your credentials, you can be the best darn salesman (or woman) you’ll ever know.

The Sales Academy by Brothers 7 is a sum total of nearly 80 years of experience, triumphs, learning, secrets and feedback of some of the best sales people I’ve known.

How do you fit into all of this?
Simple. Just read all the material on this blog, the stories, the real life examples, the words and phrases you need to use and understand your customers better. That’s it. I will show you all the tactics, ways and communication skills you need to become a master salesperson.

Fair deal? I think so.

Now, do you have that work ethic I asked for?

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