Website Design and Launch Checklist

Website Design and Launch Checklist
Website Design Kuwait

Kuwait Website Design & Launch Checklist

Designing a website in Kuwait is one thing. Getting it right is another. Thankfully, this website launch checklist will get your site on the right track.

The following points will get your website launch and functionality on the right track. This is not a SEO or Page Speed checklist. This is a website launch checklist – the basic stuff you need to get your website launched in Kuwait.

1). Interface and Mobile friendly Testing

  • Your website’s overall look and structure should be me mobile friendly. Most of your traffic will come through handheld devices, so make sure your website is checked frequently on mobile.
  • Make sure you don’t have any missing pages. 404 should be formatted right
  • Check 301 redirect.
  • Broken images / missing images should be replaced
  • Check on Title, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, H1 tags. This is a very important feature. If your pages are missing this, you need to get it fixed pronto.
  • All of your images should have ALT tags. You cannot have a site where your images do not have ALT tags
  • Log into Google Webmaster tools and do a HTML scan. This will reveal if your HTML code is on point
  • Install Google Analytics before your site is launched
  • The website should have a favicon. It’s the small symbol in the browser tab.

2). Site Security

Even if you are running a simple site without a SSL certificate, it’s always a good idea to have your site secure. Protect it from malware, scripts and viruses. You need to do the following to protect your website in Kuwait from malicious attacks and bots.

  • Run Security test on WordPress sites. Trustwave provides such and instant results.
  • Your Javascript and CSS will need cleaning up. Use a plugin such as W3C or Autoptimize to do that.
  • If you are going to operate an ecommerce website in Kuwait, make sure you have a SSL certificate enabled. If your payment gateway is KNET, your choice of SSL will be limited to six vendors that are accepted by KNET.
  • Get a Thawte / Paysafe Trust seal
  • Test and confirm server side Firewall (IPTables or FirewallD)
  • Test and confirm server side security monitoring and audit (ex. SELinux)
  • Make a database and content backup
  • Check backup restoration

3). Licenses / Plugins

Expired plugins are the #1 reason CMS sites crash or develop errors. If you have a plugin that is no longer supported, remove it immediately.

  • Make sure all plugins are up to date
  • Remove out of date / expired plugins with no support

4). In case you have created an ecommerce store in Kuwait, make sure:

Ecommerce websites in Kuwait are unique in the sense you will be in a market ready to buy. Make sure the following work perfectly, lest you lose customers.

  • Your product search reveals the right product
  • The product page has the right details and not duplicate copies
  • Shipping is only limited to Kuwait in case you deliver only to Kuwait and it’s not a digital product
  • The add to cart button works
  • The payment gateway is integrated
  • The check out page has a thank you message
  • Make a test transaction and make sure the customer, and vendor are both alerted via email instantly

5). Search engine optimization for your Kuwait Website

  • Set up base URLs (with or without www)
  • Check on Title, Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, H1 tags
  • Check the Image Alt Tags
  • Check the site’s HTML and mobile friendly using Google Webmaster Account
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Build at least 20 inbound links
  • Work on link building 20 minutes a day. Check for a list of free directories
  • Connect your website to social media accounts, especially Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.
  • Make sure your XML sitemap file is uploaded

This website launch checklist should be enough to get your website, blog or ecommerce site launched. Once online, its time to optimize, optimize and optimize. It’s a never ending task. But if you are a serious online or ecommerce entrepreneur, then this is pure fun.

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